Reasons or Results – What Do You Have More Of?

I always find it intriguing having conversations with people. Being in Network Marketing, I’ve spoken to quite literally thousands of people over the years which I feel brings considerable perspective on why people respond the way in which they do. This has nothing at all to do with judgement in any way, shape or form. After a while you are just able to identify certain patterns with people and are able to understand why people do and say what they do. I always find it fascinating – just observing people. I never tire of it. What I have discovered is that people do – in general – fall into two camps – those who have reasons and those who have results. Some may call the ones with results the 2%ers and the ones who have reasons the 98%ers. Whatever way you wish to define it, I wanted to investigate this further and in so doing, help those reading this article to recognize where they sit and how they are able to perhaps start to transform the way they think to transform their outcomes.

Quite recently, a new client started with me. Let’s just call this lady Jo to protect he identity. I found her astonishing. Every single thing we discussed turned into a bunch of reasons (or excuses if you will) as to why things weren’t working out, or why she couldn’t do this or that and why she wasn’t completing tasks. And on and on it went. Even to the point of actually doing a call with her – she couldn’t get her phones or Skype to work. Once again, I do not work from a place of judgement (to me, that is not my job), but I’ve become more and more perplexed as to what brought this lady to this point. What made her pretty much give up on everything? What made everything so hard?

Now I’m not a Psychologist or Psychiatrist or any type of mental health specialist in any way, shape or form. I am a Certified Life Coach, Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner and Network Marketer with over 23 years of experience. I have kind of learned about why people operate from the positions they operate from purely from talking to loads and loads of people over the years. So what is the common denominator? It would be reckless of me to say there is one, however there are few things that I have discovered along the way. Here’s my top 5 of what they are.

1. Overwhelm. Some of us can experience such a lifetime of chaos, trauma, even abuse that we just get to a point of almost breakdown.

2. Comfort. We’ve seen it with our parents’ so we believe that just being comfortable is the goal in life.

3. Lack of motivation. Sometimes we can grow up in an environment where opportunities are limited as is access to the outside world so we can be cut off from investigating what there is out there.

4. Belief. This is a big one. We believe that everyone else gets the breaks, we believe you have to rip people off in order to make a lot of money, we believe that everyone is out to get us. These are just examples of what I have heard over the years, but there are many.

5. Present circumstances. Sometimes we can be so far in debt or have a serious illness or be trapped even in a situation of abuse that we feel it is impossible to get out of.

You may see yourself in some of these and if so, I’m so excited for you. Awareness if always half the battle I believe. The most important thing to know, however, is that reasons or results – it’s all a choice. Everything is a choice. We can choose to feel overwhelmed, we can choose to stay comfortable, we can choose to not be motivated by anything, we get to choose our beliefs and we do even get to choose our present circumstances. Believe it or not, it’s true. Now you can take two kids who were raised by drug addicted parents – one kid goes on to run a multi-million dollar company, the other ends up in jail. So what’s different? It’s their personal growth dictating their ability to choose.

What are you choosing today? Reasons or results. It’s all up to you.

Fiona is the CEO and Founder of “The Networking Formula” and is regarded as one of Australia’s leading MLM/Network Marketing business transformation and training experts. She is a seasoned Networker with over 24 years’ of experience with several companies and is passionate about the industry. Fiona combines a unique mix of Life Coaching processes and Law of Attraction philosophies in empowering other Networkers to transform not only themselves and their businesses, but those of their teams and communities.
When not coaching clients, blogging or writing, Fiona can be found on her 50 acre property swimming, entertaining, playing tennis or motor racing.