Reasons or Results? Choose

In this article, i am going to talk about the common pitfall that stop people from achieving the kind of results in their lives.

It is the start of a new year. Have you set your new year resolutions? or have you gotten to the point where you are so jaded that you have not been fulfilling them until you have gave up on setting new year resolutions?

So, why is it that some people achieve extraordinary results while some people seemed to be stuck in a rut and not going anywhere?

Consider that you have been giving yourself a reason for not achieving the results that you are committed to. Common reasons that people have are: i am not good enough, there is not enough time, your colleagues are holding you back, etc…

I am sure those are very good reasons that you have. I mean really good reasons indeed. But then, do your boss buy those reasons? Do the people in your life buy those reasons? They might do so at the start, but after a while they tend to think of them as excuses that you cooked up to put yourself off the hook.

I sincerely believe that you do not mean them as excuses, but look at these actions that you have been doing over and over again… do they give you the results that you want? So how can we achieve breakthroughs?

Look at the successful people around you. Are they also encountering the same problems as you in life? Do they face the common reasons that are listed above? What is the determining factor that make them successful?

Consider that they are being unreasonable.. Yes, unreasonable!

They are unreasonable as they do not give reasons to justify why they are not achieving the results that they are committed to. They go beyond the reasons and are 100% committed to achieving the results that they want. They take 100% responsibility for the results of the actions that they have taken and do not give reasons to get themselves off the hook.

Consider Mahatma Gandhi. Does he has the political influence and wealth to liberate India initially? Are there more than enough reasons for him to give up on his dream of achieving independence for India? Does he allow those reasons to hold him back from achieving his dreams?

It is normal to have a fear of failure. That is why many people give reasons for why they are not successful. However, these reasons will not get you to where you want to be in life!

Be committed to eliminating whatever reasons that have been holding you back from achieving the results that you are committed to and achieve extraordinary results! Successful people allow no reasons to hold them back and are totally unreasonable!

Mike is currently a full time teacher teaching Chemistry and Physics in High School. He is an avid reader of self improvement books, especially in the area of financial management.